Executive Board and Staff

Softball Calgary is governed by an elected Executive Board. They are the volunteer executive officers in charge of setting policy and procedure, budgeting and financial operations, and overseeing the development of new projects & programs. The staff of Softball Calgary look after the day to day operations of the association. The Softball Calgary offices are open year around, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm each day (except statutory holidays and the annual Christmas closure). 

Executive Board Members

Kyle Jones - President

Stephanie Shellenberg - Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, League Council Chair

Lisa Gallant - Vice President and Administration Committee Chair

Alaina Palmer - Director 

Lindsay Nicholson - Director 

Adam Green - Director 

Trevor Fielder - Director 

Angela Tyler - Director at Large

Tim Penner - Director at Large

Shawn Harper - Director at Large 

Staff Members

Derek Hann - Executive Director

John Mykes - Sport Coordinator