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Who We Are and What We Do.


About Softball Calgary

Address: PO Box 46051 Inglewood, Calgary, Alta  T2G 5H7

Phone: 403-245-1559 

E-mail:                      Website:

The Calgary & District Amateur Softball Association (C.D.A.S.A.) or Softball Calgary, are one and the same. The official name of the organization is Calgary and District Amateur Softball Association. More recently, the term 'Softball Calgary' has been used as the operating name of the Association.  Formed in 1948, Softball Calgary is a registered non-profit Society in the Province of Alberta.

Softball Calgary is an organization with 13 Member Leagues. These leagues represent over 3,000 players on 200 teams including an affiliation of 130 Minor Teams who belong to Calgary Minor Softball Association. The member leagues of Softball Calgary represent a large number of slo-pitch and fast-pitch players of all ages and levels. 


Softball Calgary is governed by an elected Executive Board. They are the volunteer executive officers in charge of setting policy and procedure, budgeting and financial operations, and overseeing the development of new projects & programs. The staff of Softball Calgary look after the day to day operations of the association. The Softball Calgary offices are open year around, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm each day (except statutory holidays and the annual Christmas closure). 





Vision Statement 

The source for softball in Calgary.


Mission Statement

To dedicate resources to the development and improvement of the sport and to make softball accessible to people in Calgary and the surrounding areas.



To provide assistance to members, to develop, improve, market and promote the sport, to liaise with external agencies on behalf of our members. And to provide opportunities year round to enjoy the sport for athletes, coaches, and volunteers.