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Grant Larocque


Phone: 403-968-7912

Nancy Huzinga


Phone: 403-998-8803

Rules and Regulations

General Rules

Team Captains are responsible to bring game balls to diamonds.

Balls stay on diamonds until after second game , each team will pick up one ball after second game.

Teams are responsible to clean out dung-outs after second game prior to leaving diamonds.

Last team out is responsible to lock gates. Fine is 25.00 dollars.


Any rostered player  is eligible to play for any team on any night.

NO ANTICIPATION: ball contact must be made prior to leaving the base or the runner is out.

Ten players on the field at one time (minimum 3 females).

Every player on the team must substitutions are allowed.

Teams are to bat a maximum of 3 males in a row, then a female must follow(in the first 12 batters).

Only female batters can bunt.

Maximum 5 runs per inning. Last inning is open time permitting.

If a male is pitched a walk with female batter following, batter takes second and female has the option. (any walk)

Home plate is a run by with a 20 foot commitment line.

Mercy rule is  any team up plus 15 after 5 innings or more.

A game is a minimum of 5 innings or more as time allows.

Same sex combinations of pitchers and catchers are permitted.

All players must be 18 years.

Forfeit Rules

Any team not ready to play within 10 minutes of start time will forfeit game.

Missing/late players may enter the game before the start of the 4th inning or game will be forfeited.

All games must finish with a minimum of 3 females on the field.

Games may be played with 9 players provided the 3 female on the filed is met(see above). Tenth spot is an automatic out. Teams not having 10 players the tenth batter is automatic out.

Games can be called due to time and/or weather.

Length of Game

All games are 65 minutes from scheduled start time. No new innings after 60 minutes of play.

A game is considered complete after 5 innings or time called.

Team Scores

All scores to be posted week they are played or no points will be awarded.

Scores posted at check Loaded Bases.

Protests of Game

Protesting team shall put up a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 for the protest to be heard.

Protests will not be heard due to an umpire call.

Home Run Rule

Maximum 3 home runs per game per team and then plus one.