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Welcome to the Mad Batters Slo-Pitch 2022 Season - Now Accepting new teams to the waiting list. E-mail; 

2022 Mad Batters League Rules

2022 Rules


  1. All players must be 18 years or over, as of the playing year.

  2. Maximum 10 players on the field.  Four (4) must be females. 

  3. A 15-minute grace period is allowed at the start of the game, after that the game will be forfeited. 

    1. If you have 8 players, 2 of which are female, present at the scheduled game start time you must begin on time with no grace period. This would result in 2 auto outs. At any time, a female can replace an auto out upon her arrival.

      1. The rule of 3 male batters in a row still applies in this scenario. (See Rule #10)

  4. When a team does not have the minimum number of players at game time, they will be forfeited. (Score will be reported as 10-0).

    1. If the team is able to field a team for the second game, the game will be played at the normally scheduled time unless both teams agree to start the second game earlier.

  5. Teams unable to meet the minimum line-up requirements are still asked to arrive with however many players they have on time. The permits and umpire are paid for already, so we ask the field does not go to waste. Combine teams, have fun. Should a team choose to not show up, a fine of $100 will be levied. This is to allow the league to cover the cost of the umpire and the permit. No wins are awarded to a team until all fines are paid.THIS RULE SHOULD NEVER NEED TO BE USED!!

  6. Maximum of 12 batters on batting order (Not including subs)

    1. Subs are to be replaced once per game. Until a substitute has been made, the replacement player is unable to bat or field.

    2. Once a sub has joined the game, the replaced player is unable to bat or field again.

  7. The 12 active players on the batting order may be moved freely in and out of the fielding position but must always take their proper turn batting.

  8. No back to back female batters.

  9. The first extra batter can be male making the line up a maximum of 7 male batters to 4 female batters.

  10. There can be no extra batter on an order when there is an auto-out.

  11. 3 male batters in a row may occur only once per batting order. (This includes from the bottom to the top of the batting order)


  1. Game start times are 6:15PM and 7:45PM (Doubleheaders are played each night)

  2. All games are 7 innings unless a mercy occurs. (Time permitting)

  3. Tie games result in 1 point being awarded to each team.

  4. Winning team confirms score and inputs it onto Sport Engine within 24 hours.

  5. Game times are 1 hour & 15 minutes. There is no new inning after 1 hour.

  6. When a male batter walks with 4 or less pitches when followed by a female, the male batter takes 2nd base and the female must bat.

  7. Maximum of 5 runs per inning.  The last inning is open.

  8. Bunting is allowed by females only.

  9. Home Run Rule-Maximum 4 home runs per team. Batter is out if they hit a home run after maximum is reached. There is no plus one. An inside the park home run doesn’t count toward the 4 as that would be considered a home run reached on error.

    1. Walk off home run rule in effect. Batting team is to retrieve the ball before taking the field again.

  10. The runner must run behind home plate when coming home.  The catcher can make an out by touching home plate or making the tag, before the runner crosses the line.

  11. Tagging is allowed on all four bases to achieve an out.

  12. Sliding is permitted on 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Sliding is not permitted after the commitment line when coming home.

  13. Commitment line will be indicated by the umpire prior to the game.

  14. Teams may have a same gender battery. (Pitcher/Catcher)

  15. Third strike foul is an out.  Runners can tag up and run on a caught third strike foul.

    1. Players are not allowed to tag up on any caught out of play ball

  16. A caught foul tip results in an out, regardless of the count.

  17. If a rule is not stated above, the SPN rules apply. 

  18. Any and all decisions made by an umpire are FINAL. Only the captain/manager of the team shall address the umpire if any questions or concerns need to be addressed.

  19. Home team sets up the field. It is the home team’s responsibility to ensure the field is set up on time. Both the home and away team are responsible for packing up the equipment and cleaning the benches. Please leave the diamonds in better condition than you found them.

  20. Home Team supplies a game ball for each game. The visiting team is to supply an extra ball in good condition. Only Worth Hot Dots .52 Cor balls are permitted.

  21. Male batters will be called out if he intentionally bunts or chops the ball downward

  22. No stealing or leading off is permitted. Anticipation is up to the umpire’s discretion.

  23. 150’ arc rule is in place for female batters. All outfielders, except for the rover, must stay beyond this arc until after the ball is hit. It is the responsibility of the female batter to inform the umpire of a fielding violation before the pitch is thrown.

  24. If a team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 or 6 innings, the game is over by mercy rule.


  1. All teams will be supplied with a box of balls and a score sheet.(To be picked up at Tuxedo Sports on April 8th, 2019)

  2. Teams are responsible for their own bases. The equipment boxes at the diamonds are no longer maintained by us.

  3. 2021 was the last year in Mad Batters where the pitchers were not required to wear a facemask. The 2022 season, facemasks for pitchers are mandatory.

  4. No metal cleats.

  5. All bats MUST have the USSSA Thumbprint to be legal. Any bat appearing on any banned list, regardless if it contains the USSSA Thumbprint will not be permitted.


  1. Alcohol is not permitted on public City of Calgary Diamonds. Umpire may choose to remove any player who violates this rule.


  1. Rainouts will be decided no later than 4:00PM on game days. Managers will receive notification only after we decide. We will always try to play the games whenever possible. Rainouts will only occur if we, as a league, are sure the field will be unplayable at game time.

  2. Mad Batters are not meteorologists, we will not know earlier in the day if the diamonds will be playable or not. Once we decide, we will notify the managers. (No reason to call or text us. As soon as we know, you will know.)

  3. On days when the league has decided to try and play, and the weather changes for the worse after 4:00PM, the umpire on the diamond will make the final decision on whether or not the games are rained out. On days such as this, it is up to each team to make sure they have their team present and ready to play to prevent them from forfeiting their games.

  4. Once a rainout is announced at 4:00PM, the games will be rescheduled. Never will the league change their mind after a rainout is announced and expect teams to show up on the diamonds that same night.

  5. Make-up games are played on off nights (Commonly Thursdays). We will give as much notice as possible to the teams, so they have a chance to notify their players.

 Playoff Tournament *Included in your fees*

  1. Playoff tournament is scheduled for August 12th to 14th, 2022 in Carseland at the Centennial Diamonds. League Champions are crowned at this tournament who will then have their City Championship fees subsidized by the league. Beer Gardens, concessions and camping (Cost to be determined) and free showers are all available at the Carseland Diamond Facility.

Let’s have a great and fun 2022 Season!!!!


Mad Batters is a co-ed 6/4 league. We have a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday division. All divisions are of the same caliber slo-pitch, as well as being fun and relaxed.

- Home diamonds are at Deerfoot Park, 16th Ave & Deerfoot Tr. North. A couple games will be played on the Laycock diamonds just off 64th Ave & Deerfoot North. - SPN umpires are utilized for all games. Most equipment is provided, balls/scorebooks etc.

- Total fees include our Playoff  Tournaments in Carseland Alberta.  (Winner of each division has entry to City Championships subsidized), affiliation to Softball Calgary, SPN and insurance.

- 2022 Tournament is set for August 12th-14th 2022. Cities are in September.

- Contact Tom; email; or 403-870-3169 if busy call TJ @ 403-461-6755 .